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scarleo: thats what you want how was your friend's Windows experience? guntbert: I know, but I was expecting it to be in English it seems quite simple, I have this in my /etc/fstab file: I have mounted that drive in /media/data but I can't write to it I can read it just fine deadowl: have you mounted it as root? guntbert: Google is pretty damn useless with just one language No kklimonda: No and I can write to it if I use sudo scarleo: I don't understand what you expect/don't understand in what way your friend's experience is not relevant to your question does it have to be mounted as root to write to it? I mean, I'm mounting it as my own user account deadowl: but you aren't? yeah, I'm not guntbert: It's about understanding the difference between a boot system and a live system, it's a differnent topic why would I have to be? I'm the owner deadowl: try adding umask=000 at the end of the line in fstab guntbert: it makes no sense, its a different issue deadowl: that won't cause it to be mounted as root guntbert: I know there is a difference, I just want to find it kklimonda: so the next time I boot it'll mount as root? deadowl: it will be mounted as root until it's not so if I restart and the machine isn't there, it'll be locked as root? Guys I have file and I want to know what it does





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Download Gta 5 For Windows 7 32 Bit launtimm

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